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 Healing with the 55 Chakras

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PostSubject: Healing with the 55 Chakras   Healing with the 55 Chakras EmptyJanuary 31st 2011, 23:31





The 55 Chakras!!!!!

If it is your wish and your will, we will activate the 55 minor chakras in this particular point of your body, granting you clearer access to your God mind and facilitating a freer flow of energy, between the external world of the sacred places on your planet and the internal world of the sacred self.

Take a few moments to breathe in deeply and exhale fully and if it is your wish and your will, give us permission and we will begin the activation. If there is anyone present who is not willing to experience this, we now encase you in a citrine cube of light and the activation begins. (pause) Your 55 chakras spin in the form of a spiral. As each one activates so the ascension spiral of your fully mastered self becomes conscious within the realms of your conscious self. These chakras contribute to bringing about the understanding of why your ego has played such a great role in your life until this point. What its purpose has been and why now it is vital, that the ego be left to play its role as a protector and not as governor of your life, your behaviour, your attitudes and your actions. As we speak, so the cellular foundation of your old paradigm is being dissolved, it shall flow out of your body through the renal system of your physiology, it shall be done gracefully and harmoniously, no need for pain or suffering.

All the masters gathered with you today and specifically Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Lord Kuthumi and I, Lady Nada, with the presence of all the crystal beings, here within the boulders, give you your new template for the next 12 years of your life. We shall give you a few moments of stillness and during that time allow 12 words to simply come to mind. (pause) Observe each word individually and let it go and it shall be integrated into this new foundation you have called to yourself. (pause) Keeping your eyes closed, your healing angel will now begin to perform some healing of your crania. Some of you may feel sensations in your head, as your cranial plates are readjusted to be able to facilitate the influx of this new energy. It is vital that you breathe throughout the process, fully in and exhale fully. Relax into this energy. (pause) Your personal master guide is also present today. This being also stands behind you and begins moving the energy up and down your spine, ensuring the free and constant flow, of your complete blueprint. Do not be disturbed if your head feels as if it is moving on its own or if you feel it wants to move, just surrender to the process. If there is any discomfort straighten your spine, pull your shoulders back and breathe. (pause)

Beloved ones, as this is taking place, we now begin the next level of the activation that shall make this spot one of the most powerful sites on your planet for the attraction of ascension mastery vibrations. People from near and far, who are upon this path, will be drawn to this place to retrieve the mystery school teachings as well as to retrieve all the aspects of their blueprint as you have done today. All of you are climbing the ascension spiral often referred to by Kuthumi as the stairway to heaven. Each step you take is one that affords you the opportunity to choose the direction and quality of your life experience. All of you will now learn how to integrate destiny, fate and your soul plan into your conscious plan of daily life.

There are shifts taking place that are beyond your human ego control, foundations being set in place that are preparing you for a future, vital to the creation of the new world. Each of you, are undergoing a very unique, very personal initiation. Your paths are moving in many directions and even when your paths move in opposite directions, you are still moving in the same direction. Today we bring you, the healing of your heart and the healing of your base, the realignment of your spine and the welcoming of your blueprint, linked to all the mystery school teachings, so that you may truly understand all the aspects of service that you have agreed to anchor on earth, in alignment with the universal world of creation and of education. As we speak, there are 55 chakric points being activated at this sacred site, each one embodying a unique frequency of consciousness.Continue to breathe as the masters now activate the final flush through your lymphatic system, gracefully and harmoniously bringing alignment to your meridians, energising all the acupressure points of your body, and harmonising your entire system. (pause) Imagine many fields of electromagnetic energy being projected to this particular sacred point and anchoring itself on earth. (pause) Know that each of you are conduits, anchors, conductors and transmitters of these vibrations. Even if you do not understand the words we speak, your cells remember, your inner spirit knows and all will unfold, in its perfect and divine time, and for now thats all you need trust.

At this gathering there are also 6 crystals of the crystal kingdom undergoing ascension into the 55th realm. These crystals are amethysts, sodalite, citrine, quartz crystal, lapis lazuli and smokey quartz. Work with these crystals as often as you can. Carry them on your person and know that their vibration and presence will facilitate the accelerated integration of what is taking place today. All of the energies that we have anchored here with your support will have a twofold impact. It will move into the earth and into the subterranean world and will ripple into the etheric world of your physical world. This will emanate vibrations, like the ripples in a pond, across the world and those who are open to this energy to receive what we have anchored today will tap into these fields of electromagnetic transmissions. So a downloading of new information takes place, these come forth as thoughts impressed on the mind, inspiration, desires to do something new or different, to explore aspects of ones life that one has denied before, to move on in a new direction, and to leave the old behind. It is unlimited, therefore vital that you follow the promptings that come to you. It is important that all of you take some time today, to integrate the energy you have anchored with all of us. All of you will be connected to this point energetically for the rest of your life. It is important that you connect with Ayers Rock, the masculine aspect of this sacred site and if you can travel there physically even better.

Beloved ones, let us now seal your energy field. Take another deep breath in and exhale fully, feeling your presence come back into your physical body. (pause) Allow your imagination to show you a colour that shall shield your energy, protect it and keep it balanced and flowing for the duration of the integration of this energy. You need 4 days to completely integrate this, so be gentle with yourself. It is important that you mingle with one another, if there is anyone in your group you have as yet not made a heart connection with take some time to get to know this person, for this is the linking of the new foundation of consciousness that has been held within the ancient mystery schools that now come to the fore, and into the physical world for men, women and children to be blessed with and to learn from. As I end my transmission, I ask that all of you sit in the silence for a few moments, allowing the completion of the activation of this portal to take place. Be aware of what you feel and of any thoughts that come to mind. Take some time to write these feelings and thoughts down as well as any other insights that have come to you. The crystal kingdom, has created a spiral of active energy around you that shall facilitate the flow of all that must leave your space. Everything that is ready to flow away from your mind shall be released so that you can embark upon the new journeies you have called forth for yourself. May all of you be blessed within the presence of Mother/Father God.

Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene bless each of you with a magnificent yellow diamond, offering this as gifts of gratitude for your presence here today. Your journeys beloved ones are taking you home. Do not fear the directions you are being pulled in. Know that your soul knows what it is doing and it is safe to be active within this flow, moving in your new direction, in all directions, because it is your time to serve on a new level, in a new way, in new areas with new people, with new systems of consciousness, because it is a new life.

I am Lady Nada and I enfold each of you in the magenta ray of unconditional love, I bless you and I walk with you. Peace and farewell.

I am Kuthumi and I return briefly at this point, beloved ones.

Beloved ones take your time now as Lady Nada has requested. I bring each of you the blessings of the masters, ensuring you of my presence and my assistance as you journey on this new pathway, one that frees your soul and liberates your mind. I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the golden ray of love and wisdom. Adonai!!!!!!!! Adonai!!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Healing with the 55 Chakras   Healing with the 55 Chakras EmptyFebruary 1st 2011, 09:19

Wow Inara, this was very powerful last night....thank you for doing this with us and also for posting, as I can't remember all of it lol xxxxx

Belief, Trust, Faith I love you
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Healing with the 55 Chakras
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