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 Meditation Attunement for 11:11

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PostSubject: Meditation Attunement for 11:11   November 11th 2009, 04:03

Christine Meleriessee

Let us start by centering ourselves with a Golden flame of energy that comes down through our Crown Chakra deep within our Being centering upon the Heart Center, and then grounding the flame within our Earth Star sitting 6" below our feet. Take a few deep breaths so that the flame becomes larger. Visualize this flame like a golden candle with the base in the feet and the flame grows upwards with the most part of the flame within the Heart and the tip within our Soul Star that sits 6" above our Crown Chakra. Just take a moment and allow that movement of Lght to be within our centeredness.
In this moment ask for any debris, ill feelings, fear energy to be released through the flame upwards into the heavens above for the entire God Force to disintegrate it with pure love. Feel this happening now. As you do this, the energy within your heart is now blessed with the essence of Mother/Father God and you feel an expansion growing within you. Allow this focus to expand into your physical body through all of the organs, cells, bodily functions to be within the Golden Ray. Center you attention to your feet and see the energy moving clockwise into the etheric realm as it moves upwards towards the Crown and then downwards toward your feet. Allow all of your feelings associated with non-acceptance to be fully emersed with the flame. The cycle is complete in the Etheric level and continues into the Emotional level with the same cycle. Allow all of your emotions to be fully open good and bad. When you do this, everything turns into the essence of the God within you. As it circles around and returns below your feet, it moves into the Mental Level. Allow all of your mental anguish and chitter-chatter within your mind to be released into the Golden Flame of Light. Feel it all dissipating into the Light Divine. The energy now moves past the Mental Level into the Astral Level where many thought forms can hold themselves. Allow the Golden Flame to clear away any debris that may be held in this area. The Golden Light now moves into your Earth Star and spins upwards into your Spiritual Body accessing your I Am Presence running through your Soul Star and then bringing it down into your Earth Star so that you know have one embodiment of Light through your entire energy system incorporating all of your higher chakras with the lower chakras to create a balance of light within your physical vehicle.
Take another deep breath and focus upon your Heart Center. Think about what it feels like, is it light and airy, is it full of blessings, or is it just serene. There should be a change occuring in your bodily functions as this light truly is expanding every part of your being.
You have now created your Spiritual Body to be fully accessed by your I Am Presence within this moment. Feel the change starting to occur for you. You see in front of you a Guide. This Guide could be an angel, a Master or Teacher, it could be Extra-Terrestrial in nature, - it is for you to decide. You feel the energy mounting as this being is asking you to join him/her in the next phase of your journey. You arise from where you are sitting within your Light Body and join this Being for the next adventure of your Soul. As you go with him/her you see yourself moving through spaces of time, heavenly bodies all around you, and you feel very safe and content. You have just arrived at your destiny. It may seem familiar or someplace that is new and refreshed for you. You find yourself in a beautiful garden with flowers of every speicies, butterfiles and hummingbirds are flying everywhere, and in the distance you hear the music of the Angels. How beautiful it is. You feel peaceful and grateful to be in this space. In front of you is an archway of steps reaching to a point that you cannot quite see. You and your Guide slowly walk up the steps and they wind around first to the right and then to the left. This pathway is representative of your journey previous to this moment. Think about the changes you have gone through to get to this point. You feel grateful and happy that you are able to move forward easily and effortlessly. Greenery is everywhere and then the pathway upwards becomes very straight and narrow. There is a gateway that will take you to the next step of your creation. Take a moment, and breathe and think about all that you want to leave behind you. Now think of everything you know in this moment and want to bring with you whether it be a relationship, an element of your life, or an adjustment that needs to be made. When you are ready, slowly walk towards the Gateway - it is a huge circle like walking into a tunnel, but a Star Gate into the next shift of your reality. There is a Master greeting you on each side, on is a male and the other female representing the male and female aspects of your being. You acknowledge each of them while you and your Guide walk through the Gateway. You take a moment and feel a spinning effect of the energy around you. Take a moment and allow the spinning motion to slow down. This spinning energy is taking away all that you desire in order to create the newness of your life. All of a sudden it stops.
You walk downwards and find yourself in your new world. There are many Beings awaiting your Light. Some you may know and some you may not know. This is a renewal of your Spirit. There are many that are coming forward to congratulate you for getting to this space in your time element. If you are a starseed, which most of us are at this time, you will meet your ancestors from those worlds. They are here to assist us in the creation of our Spirit.
As your Guide stands before you he/she expresses these words in love:
"It has been my pleasure to walk with you during this intiation phase and I am honored to be standing here amongst your Comrades of Light. Please know that your memories of Lightwork are just starting and this is an intiation into the future "you". Breathe and take in this Light. See your fellow comrades that will be walking this path with you. It is your time to Shine!
Say these words" I Am, That I Am. I Am _____________(insert your name) and I Am ready to manifest my new life onto the New Earth (say what your path is or what you want it to be). I accept my new challenges with Ease and Grace. I bring forth the energies of the Melechizedek Light so that I may shine a Light onto the world. I Am Renewed and Refreshed. The past is the past and I mold my future in this moment as I see it in front of me. I feel blessed and accepted in my new role. "
You have just been intiiated onto the next phase of your journey. Your energies will shift at a higher frequency as you enable your Light Body to guide you in each moment.
You acknwoledge your comrades in this moment and know that you will connect with them any time you wish. Each of them needs your Light as you need theirs. Your Guide takes your hand into a circle of your Comrades as a beam of Light comes down into you. You feel yourself moving through time and space coming back to where you started. Feel your body, ground your roots from your feet below, and know that you have been changed. It may take time to understand what has happened. It is important to journal your feelings. There may be tears or shifting of emotions, but it is all for the Good of All.
Blessings On your Journey!
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Meditation Attunement for 11:11
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