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 10:10 Key Date Activation & Air Gates 72 - 78 from Mary Magdalene

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PostSubject: 10:10 Key Date Activation & Air Gates 72 - 78 from Mary Magdalene   October 17th 2009, 08:52

Mary Magdalene
10:10 Key Date Activation & Air Gates 72 - 78
Channelled through Michelle Eloff©️
Channelled Johannesburg, South Africa on 8 October 2009 for the activation taking place on 10 October 2009
Copyright Notice
To find out more about Michelle Eloff and The Lightweaver, please visit www.thelightweaver.org
I am Mary Magdalene and I greet you and I welcome you into the presence of divine light and divine love.
The energies building up at this time continue to enfold Mother Earth in a magnificent blanket and shield of light. The blanket is the nurturing aspect of the almighty Angelic Presence of your Universe wrapping its wings around her, and around you at the same time. The protective shield is holding her at this very important, and very vulnerable time for her and for many souls on your planet.
With this particular activation we are opening some very powerful portals to the inner core essence of the creative body of Spirit, this is being assisted by the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Creative Energy. The Air Gates are these portals and they attune your energies to the higher intelligence containing the creative energies which are held within the Galactic Core. This will assist you in amplifying the resonance of your creative body and aligning it with that of the Galactic Core.
These portals enable the inactive sleeping creative body of the Unconscious Collective to stir and begin rising from the ashes of their deep slumber, which in some cases can be called "death". This is a time where all rediscover themselves and their creative light, altering the rate at which you as a collective body of human consciousness emanate light and energy. This will cause a change in the reactive powers of light to guide you into the new fields of light, which have been implemented to support your consciousness to move into the more advanced levels of living and walking the Pathway of the Authentic Ones.
The Pathway of the Authentic Ones is a journey which souls choose to take when they have heard the source of their soul calling to them, beckoning to them to come into the heart of another world, a world containing the aspects of themselves which have been denied, rejected and paralysed. Many of those aspects of self are also the sleeping aspects, the parts of you, and them, who “died” at some stage in your formative years.
The early development of your energy bodies creates a vitally important connection with the other worlds, and the creative body of the Galactic core is connected directly to all your chakras. At this time we are assisting you and the collective body of human consciousness to open all the portals of your chakras in order to receive the higher intelligence, the higher aspects of technology, spiritual technology, which are channelled through creative endeavours.
You do not have to be a professional performing artist to be creative. When one taps into the creative source it is like food for the soul, and when the soul is nurtured by these exquisite creative energies it is equipped with what it needs to serve you, to show you and to guide you, especially at the times in your life when you seek guidance and support most.
Creativity is a vast world of energy, it is a source of love, a source of light, potential, possibilities and it is a source of very important growth. When the creative powers are stifled the chakras all eventually close up, what then happens is that some chakras are depleted and under active, not functioning in their full capacity, and others may then become overly reactive, operating beyond their natural rhythm of balance and harmony. This often causes much disruption in one’s life and it affects people on many levels.
When your creativity is blocked, your sexuality is blocked and vice versa. When your creativity is blocked you do not feel the drive, motivation and inspiration to get on with your life, everything appears dull, mundane and very difficult. Your creative power opens you to the vast universal network of solutions, for in it coming to you through the source of the Galactic Creative Centre, you are tapping into an infinite source of creative energy.
Creativity is the flow of love weaving its magic through life. How many of you have been feeling down or inhibited and you do something creative and it lifts your spirit? Did you know that doing something creative is the one and only feminine way of meditating? There are many ways considered masculine. Doing something creative is a feminine, the Goddess, way of meditating.
Some of you have already heard that from Kuthumi but many of you are new to this, are new to the teachings and for others of you you need to be reminded, therefore if you have difficulty stilling your mind, stilling your body and sitting still and trying to listen, trying to remove the thoughts from your mind and you are finding more frustration and aggravation than anything else, my suggestion to you is to be creative. It doesn’t matter if all you are doing is splashing colours across a page and perhaps putting your handprints all over it, if it brings you joy it is a state of meditation. Meditation is for the purpose of aligning your energies with the central core of Father/Mother God and all that is, the Almighty I AM Presence within you and all around you and creative work does exactly this, it takes you out of your head and into your heart, it is like a child discovering its world for the first time, it is completely focused on what it is observing.
Now we can see some of you are getting a little agitated already hearing this because you do not believe you are creative, push aside those thoughts now, it is not about what your creation looks like, it is about the process of creating, and if you do have within yourself a critical parent then it is time now for you to take this opportunity to put that aspect of yourself at peace and to insist on utilising your creative energies, not only to relax yourself and to realign your energies with your inner core self and the source of the core, but you are giving yourself an opportunity to clear your mind, to receive guidance, to receive solutions if that is what you seek. Perhaps your creative activity is in the form of writing, dancing, singing, playing in the mud whatever it is, it must have a very large feel good factor to it.
When you are in that space of feeling good distracted by the creativity that you are indulging in, you are not bound to the debilitating aspects of the Collective Consciousness, you are tapped directly into Source. and that is when you are at your most receptive. So try it out, experiment with the many aspects of being creative and the many dimensions of creativity and allow it to play with you, to lead and to guide you and it will show you how best it can be expressed through you.
Now the energies that we are activating today through the seven portals which stir the Collective Unconscious and begins drawing those sleeping souls into a new level of feeling and awakening are being activated in Denmark, in Mexico and Transylvania in Romania, and will be aligned with the Crystal Hearts in Cairo and in Russia.
All of you connected at this time, participating in this activation, you serve as the guardians of the participants who are the Air Gate guardians, in other words those who are physically located in those areas. All of you hearing my words right now are the anchoring mechanisms for these almighty new energies on a global level.
So I ask you now to shut your eyes if you have not already and to take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, relaxing your body and relaxing your mind imagining yourself becoming fluid, moving in any direction your soul wishes to direct you in at this time.
Take a moment to play with your imagination, change shape, change form, become that which you love most, that which brings you the greatest joy and that which would symbolise the expression of your creativity.
Allow that energy to build inside of you and while you do this the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Creative Energy come to dance and to play with you. Their energies and forms mimic yours and everything that you do they follow. Imagine yourself playing a game and they are playing with you, mirroring everything that you are doing. The joy in sharing creative energy brings healing, profound healing. Imagine yourself laughing, even becoming a child if you must and playing without inhibition, simply being in the moment and indulging in the grace and the light that comes with this activity.
The Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Creative Energy now beckon to you to come and find a place in a magnificent garden of light and tranquility, a place in nature where you feel completely at peace, completely safe.
Take a look around you, observe everything that is around you and acknowledge that it is a manifestation of the creative energy of the Spirit of Father/Mother God.
Everything that you experience is as a result of something motivated creatively, even your most destructive creations are a creative energy. How you use your energy and that creative power is always up to you.
I want you now to imagine yourself lying on your back, flat on the Earth, in this magnificent place in nature which you have chosen, and the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Creative Energy take crystals of all colours and shapes and they create a beautiful geometric shape around your body.
This geometric shape holds a resonance, a vibration, a language which connects directly with the creative body within the Galactic Core. You feel the chakras of your body opening in response to the Galactic Centre welcoming you into the core of its essence, into the world of creative spirit. Simply feel it, surrender to it and allow these almighty energies to communicate to your chakras, bypassing your intellect and the lower ego’s need to censor and filter everything that it hears and sees, especially if it is uncomfortable with what it sees or hears.
Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully as the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood now open the inner core of your chakras, and contained within the inner core of your chakras is a magnificent flower of life, each petal emanating a vibration, a colour and these vibrations form a sound. The sound is heard by the Galactic Core and it responds, and the flower of life within the core of your chakras open to receive the almighty pulsations of the creative spirit coming from the Galactic Core.
The geometric form around your body begins the process of amplifying the resonance of your creative body and ensures a perfect and harmonious alignment with that of the Galactic Core.
Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully as these energies now begin enabling the inactive, dormant and "dead" creative aspects of yourself, and the creative body of the Unconscious Collective begins to stir as do all the unconscious parts of yourself containing valuable treasures of creativity.
Continue to breathe in deeply and exhaling fully as the energies stir and build, the Galactic Core penetrating the very depths of your chakras, searching for the root of your creativity ensuring that every inactive creative aspect of yourself come to life, and as you lay there in nature so all the creative harmonics of the divine voice of love spoken through nature caresses your body, your spirit, your mind and heart.
The Air Gates now open their wings, opening their energy to you, and as the energy comes filtering through them they activate the portals of creative energy. This energy rushes through your body merging with the energies of the Galactic Core and seven magnificent explosions of light occur, each of these connected to the chakras of the Galactic Core and now feeding their energy into Mother Earth and activating the portals in Denmark, in Mexico, in Transylvania in Romania, and now feeding those energies to the Crystal Heart in Cairo and to the Crystal Hearts in Moscow and St Petersburg.
You are asked now to open your heart chakra, to breathe into it and as you exhale to imagine it expanding like a large lotus flower opening all its petals to meet the higher wisdom of Father/Mother God. Each of these petals, crystal, transmitting and receiving the light of the sacred language of your creative core and when the Galactic Core recognizes that vibration they merge, the heart of your body, the lotus of your heart merging with the core of the Galactic Heart and flooding your body with a powerful surge of new creative energy.
Be sure to breathe in deeply and exhale fully as these energies pulsate through your body, the sound of their light thundering through all the dark, dense parts of yourself and I want you now to imagine seven magnificent Thunder Beings hovering above your chakras. These beings come from the core of the Galactic Centre and their energy shatters those thick walls that have shut you out from the grand vistas of those worlds containing your creative power.
Relax your body, relaxing your mind and when you are ready allow these Thunder Beings to move into your chakras and allowing the echo of that thunderous sound to shatter those walls, to break them to smithereens revealing to you that magnificent world that exists beyond, beyond that which you have never seen or perhaps it has always been the world of your dreams, the world that existed beyond your “what ifs” and all your negative self talk.
With these walls now broken down the Thunder Beings now come to stand alongside you inside this geometric form. Each of them now materialize a crystal rod, these crystal rods represent the swords of enlightenment connected to each of your chakras.
Take a deep breath in now as the Thunder Beings raise these swords above their heads, as they hold the swords above their heads you are being asked in this moment to open yourself to receive this powerful activation of awakening, this opportunity to be resurrected from the ashes of the old part of you who "died" to the light and power of your creative energy.
For those of you who are already ardently creative in your life this energy brings you an opportunity to tap into a level of your creativity you have as yet not tasted. Surrender to it, welcome it, become one with the creative source of the Galactic Core for now the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Creative Energy spin out twelve portals of sacred light, twelve spirals which filter into the DNA of your body, speaking to your DNA reminding it of its purpose, of its core and the vital, vital ingredient in your life called creativity, the ingredient which opens many doors for you, the energy and tool which shows you the light that exists beyond your human consciousness.
Breathe this light into you, allow this energy to fill you up until it is flowing out of you, pouring into Mother Earth’s body, energizing the portals. The Air Gates increase the rate at which the energy is sent to you and all I want you to do is surrender and accept it, and in your mind call to your creative power, call to that Almighty I Am Presence which is the source of your creativity and allow it to be one with you and relax.
This creative energy will bring many solutions to the challenges that you and your world face right now. These powerful creative energies which shall be anchored on the 10th of October of this Christ year 2009 will filter out to touch those souls who are not on the same pathway as you, but who are just as receptive and open to receiving the light of Father/Mother God and they will be called to service, they will be inspired to find the solutions in new ways, and when more of you experience peace on a regular basis by utilizing your creativity as a tool of meditation that harmony will resonate and reverberate touching everything in its path.
So we ask all of you to share this light by allowing yourself creative time, for it is that creative light which touches the hearts of the sleeping souls, and it is through this that you serve and you support the Collective Consciousness to move into the more advanced levels of living and walking the pathway as an authentic one.
The Thunder Beings now increase the energy moving through the swords and when you are ready they will take these swords and they will be placed in the earth around you, earthing and grounding the power and light of the Galactic Core within your chakras. When these swords penetrate the earth the voice of your soul connects to the soul of Mother Earth and a magnificent new collaboration is initiated, deeper levels of collaboration inspired and a beautiful marriage of mergence through the heart of Mother Earth, through the heart of humans, through the creative force of nature and every other living being and this is all one with you, one life giving pulsating body of pure love.
Take another deep breath in, exhaling fully as the Air Gates now send the final wave of their energy to you, this final wave moves through the mental body of the Collective Consciousness, including your own, bringing forth the solar energy, the lunar and stellar energies of creativity. These are filtered down your spine merging with your central nervous system, becoming one with your endocrine system, and bringing a new sense of balance, healing and peace to the inner aspects of your body.
When you are ready take another deep breath in and as you exhale give thanks to the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Creative Energy, thank them for all that they have done, all that they have brought forth for you and everything that you have had the honour of experiencing and making one with yourself.
Give thanks that you know that there is a Source far greater than you, guiding you, and completely own your right to use your creative power to blaze a new trail before you, to allow the creative expression of who you are to present healing opportunities to you, to bring you relaxation, enlightenment, focus, laughter and playfulness, for the creative crystals of enlightenment are the sacred heart of the child, the gift the child comes in with which unfortunately most children forget about in their first twelve years of life.
So now it is your time not only to resurrect that creative power but to resurrect the creative child, to connect with those crystal energies and to make them yours, consciously. You are not taking anything that does not belong to you, you are simply reclaiming that which you had forgotten about, regardless of your level of creative ability.
This geometric form in which you now lie now begins to become a three-dimensional magnificent crystal geometric dome around you. As it forms its crystal body its strengthens its ability to receive and transmit those creative languages which you embody, and which is embodied by the Galactic Core. Trust that this shield will not only feed you creatively, but will inspire you and protect you creatively through your creations.
Give thanks now to the Thunder Beings for the powerful energies they have brought forth in shattering those walls.
Give thanks to your soul for choosing this opportunity. Give thanks to all of nature for witnessing this magnificent alignment. Give thanks to Mother Earth and very gently begin drawing your energy back into your physical body becoming aware of your surroundings.
Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, stretching your arms and your legs, feeling the strength of your body.
Breathe in deeply again and as you exhale place you hands upon the earth if you are able to, and feel your energy firmly grounded in the heart of Mother Earth’s body and relax.
It is vitally important that these creative energies resurrect. As these powerful tools resurface from the very pits of the bottom aspects of self you will be amazed at what it is you discover, ways in which you discover aspects of yourself, solutions, new directions, new avenues and opportunities to be authentic, to live authentically and to collaborate with all authentic ones.
The stronger your light becomes, the stronger your heart connections are, the more enduring these changes will be, including your own, and you will see that a magnificent new signature is created, a new pattern, a new theme which leads everyone into what we have most recently begun to call the "Promised Land".
Each of you are vital parts of this and we encourage you to join with other Lightworkers, those who are open in heart and in mind, in body and spirit. Some of them may not follow the same path as you, but you will see their pure intention in their eyes, you will feel it through their words, you will sense it in your heart. Work together regardless of the path you walk, that is what is most important.
Most communities isolate themselves from others who work and walk upon a different pathway, do not make the same mistake, all bodies of light come together, collaborate, for as you join together with all your different talents, your hidden abilities resurfacing will bring you closer and closer to each other, and that is how this collaborative effort will make the important and necessary changes required for your planet. Specialists in their areas will be linked together and the light will weave its way along the rivers of fluid love into the right hearts, minds, bodies and spirits of those who are in positions to make a difference which all of you are already in, in your own way. Accept it, own it and live it.
I am Mary Magdalene and we assure of our love, support and guidance, au revoir.
Michelle Eloff
The Lightweaver
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10:10 Key Date Activation & Air Gates 72 - 78 from Mary Magdalene
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