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 A Cosmic Protection Meditation

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PostSubject: A Cosmic Protection Meditation   September 26th 2009, 23:19

A Protection Meditation
I would recommend that you read and record that you might play it back in your own voice for your enjoyment.Relax. Relax and surrender. Surrender to the love.
Surrender to the light, to the energy.
You are in the hands of angels. You are forever protected in the light of your great God I Am. Call forth that light substance of the ascended ones to be held down and around you, the great love, the great purity of beingness, the ascended ones, come forth, rushing through you and out from you is a great field of protection forever sustained. Relax and surrender. It is your time to lay down the sword. You do not have to slay dragons any more for there is a great flame within you now. That flame is your light. You may not see it yet beloved ones, but it is there, that beautiful heart flame within you. It is your resource pool. It is your inner manna. And it's real. It is the greater I. The whole I, the mystical I within you. Surrender to its love. Surrender to the love of the god force, the godhead. Surrender to the love of the Elohim.
I call to you beloved precious hearts, I call to you at this time, the Goddess of Purity and the Elohim of Purity. I call forth these two great beings of light to release unto you now the great purity of their flame, the inner essence and power of their beingness. And I call forth to the Elohim and the Goddess of Purity to so charge your mind, body and feeling nature with their cosmic Christ flame and their sacred heart love and to fill you and to make of your own heart flame an expanding golden sun's presence, amplified out from you a hundred feet, a hundred yards. Beloved Ones, so shall you know yourself from this day forward, that you are that I. I am that I am. I am that inner light. And I am that light that cometh into the world to light up the way of every woman, man and child. That light is growing within you. Let the angels help you. Let these beautiful beings of light help you. They are here to help you expand your life stream, your heart flame, so your own great god I Am can come forth more fully and more completely.
Surrender completely to their essence, their light. You know Beloved Ones, oftentimes it is seen that what you need most in your life is strength. Do you not realize that strength comes from purity and when you call forth the purity of great beings of light to descend into your human form and you receive that essence of purity as a tangible energy in your mind, your body, your feelings, then with that purity comes a strength. For that which is impure does not hold the greater strength and the greater qualities.
Receive now the strength of Hercules, the purity of that being. Surrender. Surrender to that love. Let it flow into you and out from you. Let it expand your heart flame. Let it speak to every cell of your body.
I call forth to the Ascended Masters to bring forth to you from the fifth dimension a sapphire to be placed in your throat center to protect your throat area. And I call forth a breastplate of emeralds and diamonds to be placed over your front and over your back to protect your inner organs. And I call forth the violet and rose pink flames as a spinning wheel in the lower part of your bodies to be permanently anchored to purify and to protect. Precious Heart, I call forth to our beloved Queen of Light and I ask the Queen of Light to send forth to you the inner essence of her great light that you may receive her light, her consciousness, her mind, her feeling. Great Queen of light, hear our call and charge these precious Children of Light with the inner essence of your mind, the inner essence of your feelings and fill them with your light and love, that they may take it into their homes and lives. Great Masters of Light we are eternally grateful for your service to humankind.
And move into the quiet of your being. Allow yourself to receive for another three or four minutes. And then seal it all with your love.

From Carol Tessier @ ShamballaLove
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Location : North Wales, UK

PostSubject: Re: A Cosmic Protection Meditation   September 28th 2009, 17:32

Oooo lovely Inara, thank you for sharing Smile I've just done this...awww could feel those energies.

Love, Light and Blessings Mag xxx Namaste
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A Cosmic Protection Meditation
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