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 Diamond Light Seeds at the 8:8 ~ Global Meditation to Receive the Cosmic Christ Consciousness

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PostSubject: Diamond Light Seeds at the 8:8 ~ Global Meditation to Receive the Cosmic Christ Consciousness   July 31st 2009, 08:49

Celia Fenn

Diamond Light Seed Mandala by Mistik of Russia
At this powerful time of New Beginnings and Sacred Energies, we invite you to join us for a Global meditation on the 8:8. The Meditation will be led by Celia Fenn of Starchild Global and KAI, the creator of the Quantum Holoform Light Codes. Celia will be in London and Kai will be in Mexico for the event.
The best times to do the Meditation will be at 8.00 in the morning or in the evening at the time and place where you are, creating a 24 hour Global Wave effect that will traverse the Planet on the 8th of August at the Lion's Gate.
At this time, the Diamond Light Energies and the Seeds of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness will be anchored into the Collective Heart of Humanity and of each individual who is willing to accept this initiation at this time. Kai and Celia work independently, but they have both received the same information and the same Light Code images to work with at this time. Below we have included Kai's writing on the Light Codes that were received, and the Meditation that Kai has devised for use on the 8th of August 2009. We would like to request that, if possible, you light a candle and have a clear quartz crystal, to represent the flame of Spirit and the clarity of the Diamond Light.
by Kai
With the arrival of the portal 8 8 this year, we receive the energies of the divine integration of the Christ seed for humanity.
The past 8 8 8 of 2008 served as a framework for activating the Cosmic Grid for the Earth, at that time we all together activated what will be the new grid of consciousness that will sustain life for mankind in the coming millennia. This grid is already active and waiting for more and more people awaken their consciousness to love and unity and begin to live life from the consciousness of ONE.
This next 8 8 this will serve as a framework to activate the Christ seed in the energy Grid of humanity. Those who wish may enter into communion with the Christ presence in their hearts and thus, transform their energy grid, the matrix of what you know as reality and life, thereby bringing the Christ seed to expand in their consciousness and be able to reconnect to the cosmic Christ grid on earth.
It is an unprecedented event, because today more than ever energy is increasingly powerful as we move to the center of the galaxy, and we are increasingly receiving intense waves of love coming from the central sun, which reaches us through cosmic rays of light, which when enter in contact with the earth and human beings, they transform the consciences and hearts of those who are willing to receive the unity in their lives.
As always, free will is very important for humanity, because only those who so choose, they may raise their consciousness and be able to fully express the new earth in their lives. Remember we are free to choose what to believe and what to create, we are free to continue in the consciousness of polarity and separation, or to move toward the ocean of light in consciousness of unity and by so start now to be living Christ on earth.
The second coming of Christ will manifest through us. We, all humanity are the avatars for the new era!
That is the real message that Christ gave us, that we are equal to Him!
"All that I have done, You can do and even greater" Everything lies in the level of our faith.
Faith in ourselves as bearers of light and above all, faith in ourselves as divine beings, as human Christs.
I invite You to unite Your wills to this wonderful event.
From the center of the solar heart we’ll receive rays of light which will activate the Christ seed in the energy template of each of us.
All living beings have a lattice energy, similar to the magnetic grids of Earth, which vibrationaly corresponds to grids on Earth. Today, most people kept their vibrating energy template on a par with the grid of the collective human mind, the old grid, the grid of the old energy, which is slowly losing strength and crumbling down as a result of activation of the Cosmic Christ grid.
That is why people now behave chaotically and irrationally, that is why the violence and fear are prevailing on society, because of the crumbling of the collective mind grid to which the majority remain anchored, people feel scared and do not know where that fear comes or what causes it. However, this fear is caused by consciousness of the separation in which they live immersed, they sense that something is changing, however, they are unable to comprehend the magnitude and origin of that change and their reaction due to the fear of "losing " something, is violence and aggressive defense.
Beloved Ones, this not need be. We can choose to vibrate in love and gently move our consciousness to a the new Cosmic grid, if we choose so, leaving aside the change through violence, fear and chaos. We can all choose how we’ll live this transformation, it is in our hands to choose how we will ascend.
The 8 8 energy gives us the tools necessary to perform this transformation.
Along with the cosmic rays of light, we will receive a Light Code that will activate it’s energy in our templates allowing us to open our consciousness to the vibration of the heart.
This Light Code contains the Cosmic energy pattern of Sirius and symbolizes the infinite sacred masculine and sacred feminine in the infinite balance, expressing the Christ-Consciousness.
We all carry in our hearts the Christ Seed, as well as the energies of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine. The Christ Seed is the Presence of Christ that dwells in us in its latent state, however, remaining asleep, since the humanity as a collective has many millennia without experiencing the Christ Consciousness, thus born asleep, unable to experience and be aware of Unity and the Presence of God in everything that exists.
It is when we enter the sacred space within our hearts and into communion with our inner Christ that energies are balanced and the Christ-Seed is activated, comes to life and we emerge as a Christ-Being in full consciousness of his divinity and oneness.
It's there, within your heart that You’ll find the meaning of your life and all that exists, as it is when we entered this sacred space we understand that we are part of an immense cosmic symphony that would not be the same without us, that is where we experience Unity, the full Christ Consciousness. when You are focused in this way into your heart, you are Christ, your consciousness moves gently to the Christ-consciousness and the fears of the world and your mind completely disappear, you're in God's grace. Upon entering this state of consciousness can easily unbind from the collective human consciousness and anchor Yourself the Cosmic Christ grid, gently, lovingly, in this way You ascend and start to experience the unity through the Christ Consciousness.
Each of us is sacred and important and it is time that we value our existence and we dare to be the change we want for the world. It is time for us to embrace our divine power and become human Christs!
At the 8-8, I invite you to take a moment throughout the day, to go quietly into your heart. It is a sacred space where you will find all the ancient wisdom from Your being, there, You are all that You can be, in there You are God, pure, free, untethered to the outside world.
Take a moment to meditate, to commune with Your being.
I love You all!
by Kai
Start by becoming aware of your breathing. Take a deep breath and then get your breathing to be smooth and calm. Imagine that with each breath your body is filled more and more with light, then direct that light into your cells, your organs and your chakras.
As you breathe, you slowly emerge from the thoughts of your mind and you are increasingly focusing on your heart. Start to become aware of the vibration that comes from your heart, you will notice that Your heart gradually expands and You’ll notice very nice warmth coming from him. That energy and that warmth is the love of your Christ presence.
Remain in that state of contemplation as long as necessary. When you feel you can continue, do it.
Breathe deeply ....
Now see your heart expands more and more to completely cover your body, its energy surrounds you like a golden bubble, you feel happy, loved and protected, in such a state of grace covered by the warm embrace of the Source.
It is at this moment that you should visualize and call on the presence of the Light code CHRIST SEED INTEGRATION, to act on your being activating the Christ Seed in your heart, letting you reach the state of Unity needed to move your consciousness and your mind to new Cosmic Christ Grid . Allow the light code act in You and awaken Your Inner Christ. Feel its renovating energy, this Light code carries in itself cosmic rays of light emanating from the center of the Solar Heart. It is a direct channel to the Central Sun and a recipient of the Cosmic Rays of the Ascension and renewal.
The Light code will be activated and you will feel like you are in a sphere of infinite love, you feel like your being expands into the Light!
At this moment it is very likely you may wish to cry, laugh or feel deeply moved. Allow Yourself to experience all the emotions that will arise. Let yourself go with the experience and energy of the purest love.
At that time, the Christ seed has been activated, your Christ presence is awakened, and so Your being will be transferred and gently anchored in the New Cosmic Christ Grid.
You have emerged to Love! You are now a human Christ, a being with Cosmic Christ consciousness!
Breathe deeply once more ....
And as You integrate this love to Your being You direct it towards everything that sorrounds You, your home, your family, your neighborhood, everything is embraced in Christ love! You are now a focus of love emanating Christ-consciousness towards all that surrounds You!
Allow Yourself to be a Human Christ, accept the divinity which shines within you.
Breathe deeply again and slowly return to your body ... gently, still vibrating in your heart and in love.
From now on, allow your heart to be your guide and every time that You feel that You are being carried away by the old mental grid, do this meditation and remember that You are a living christ!
We are Infinitely loved and blessed!

To see the nice pictures that accompany this article, go to:
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PostSubject: Re: Diamond Light Seeds at the 8:8 ~ Global Meditation to Receive the Cosmic Christ Consciousness   August 2nd 2009, 21:39

Cool thanks for posting that Inara Smile . Do you think we could do this as a group on here, this Saturday at 8am? I love you . As long as I can drive for 10.30am to go to the airport to get Bob!! lol
Love, Light and Blessings Mag xxx Namaste
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Diamond Light Seeds at the 8:8 ~ Global Meditation to Receive the Cosmic Christ Consciousness
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