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 5th Dimensioanl Base Chakra Activation with Lord Hilarion

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PostSubject: 5th Dimensioanl Base Chakra Activation with Lord Hilarion   July 11th 2009, 00:46

NB This is part of a series of activations and they should be done over time starting with the 5th Dimensional Crown Chakra

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of lightness, blessings of realization of trust and balance. Greetings, beloved ones.
It is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Beloved ones, as we gather with you at this time in the presence of the Christed energy, Master Hilarion steps forward to embrace your energy within the ruby sheath of light. This light is there to assist you in maintaining the higher frequencies of energy you have drawn into your chakric system. One of the reasons why we have worked with most of you from crown down to base is in order to balance the systems of energy within your chakras. One of the symptoms of a base chakra not functioning in a balanced manner is that all the energy is pulled up into the upper chakras - this manifests an ungrounded experience. In order for you to root yourself in your physical body you need to begin by accepting that you are in a physical body. You have manifested this body on a physical plane which has physical expectations and responsibilities. In order to meet them you need to be present so you may ground the energy required to manifest the process of fulfilment.
Master Hilarion’s activation with you today is to re-ground you in your physical body, to bring you back to earth, so to speak. This earthing process is there to serve you for the purpose of manifesting the reality that is yours by divine right. This grounding process is also for the purpose of assisting your inner child to reclaim its divine right to be on earth and to have its needs met. One of the greatest problems with the base chakra is people’s rejection of it by drawing energy into the upper chakras. This means that one cannot feel safe and supported in the physical world. When you are ungrounded and you feel unsafe and unsupported it becomes extremely difficult to trust. Some of you had extremely important lessons very recently regarding grounding and trusting your body. The base chakra connects you with your physical body. If you do not feel your body you cannot feel anything else in your presence. Feelings is a system of energy that taps into the etheric realms of manifested forces of light in the form of projected atoms which filter into your energy field which impact on your nadis, which impact on your nervous system and this manifests in sensations of safety or danger. The ego, the lower ego that is, often sabotages this process especially if throughout the duration of one’s formative years one was unable to ground in the body - especially where needs are not met, and if as an infant, certain needs were not met you would have disconnected from your body that early on already. In other words you will have felt safer in your upper chakras than in your lower chakras. The lower chakras are simply the chakras that keep you rooted to the earth. Your upper chakras are the chakras that keep you rooted to heaven.
The tree is the best description of how one should root oneself. The tree has its roots firmly in the earth yet the branches stretch out high to the heavens. It draws in nourishment from Mother Earth and it also draws in nourishment from Father Sun. The trunk of the tree represents your spine and the chakras along the spine. The roots are the base chakra; the branches are the crown chakra. So let us take you on your journey now, beloved ones, so that you can re-root yourself, reconnecting with Mother Earth.
Take a deep breath in through your nose exhaling through your mouth and feel your body settle gently in the chair you are sitting in. Take another deep breath in through your nose and as you exhale through your mouth, feel your body relax more. On your next in-breath move your physical eyes and look to the centre of your forehead with your eyes closed, and as you relax tell yourself you are becoming more centred and more focused. As you breathe out, breathe out from the pit of your belly releasing everything that causes discomfort and stress in your body. Now, find your own rhythm of deep comfortable breathing and imagine yourself in a magnificent garden. This is your personal garden of peace, your Garden of Eden. In this place you are one hundred percent safe and secure. In this place all your needs are met on all levels. The exquisite beauty in this garden feeds all your bodies, raises your energy levels, dissolves your stress and dismantles any energy attachments that keep you bound to any negative experience and helps you draw yourself back together again. Take some time to absorb the beauty and peace in the garden and acknowledge that this beauty and peace reflects everything already inside of you waiting to be acknowledged. As you walk now, look down and notice that you are in fact walking along a pathway. Follow this pathway until you find yourself standing before two massive golden gates and on either side of the gates are a dragon. When you reach there ask the dragons for permission to enter into Shamballa, and if permission is granted the gates will open. Make your way into the magnificent world of Shamballa. Continue to follow the pathway ahead of you and become aware of a being in a magnificent emerald green light making its way toward you. And as you draw closer to the being you recognize him as the Lord of Manifestation, Lord Hilarion. He welcomes you into the world of Shamballa. Imagine him now taking you by the hand and leading you to the Ruby Temple in the very centre of Shamballa. Do not enter the temple when you reach it, simply wait outside while Master Hilarion goes in. Before you can enter the Ruby Temple you need to ask permission from the Devic presence of the ruby consciousness to enter. Please do so now. If permission is granted, the doors open. Make your way into the temple and stand before Hilarion in the centre of the temple.
Master Hilarion takes both your hands looking deeply into your eyes; once more he welcomes you into Shamballa and into the Ruby Temple. He reminds you that today you are activating your ruby sheath, one of the subtle bodies of your crystal body, which you have been in the process of fully developing within the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is the rooting system for your crystal body. This is where you will build your consciousness from this day forward. The ruby sheath moves through a process of being integrated by the other bodies and as we take you through the activation this morning your ruby sheath will make its way through the levels to merge with your physical body and as it does this, it automatically raises the final levels of your consciousness into the 5th dimension. The levels of consciousness manifested and integrated directly through your chakras, the 7 major chakras that root you to the earth and the other planes of energy. Master Hilarion indicates it is now time to invoke the presence of all the other Beings of Light who will bear witness to your activation.

Begin by invoking the presence of your Angel of healing, call upon your spirit parents, call in the presence of all the divine Masters of Light who work with you regardless if whether you know their names or not. Now ask the presence of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light who work with you, to join you. Ask that those beings of Sirius, who are of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light who work with you, to be with you. Ask the beings of Andromeda, who are of the Andromedan Intergalactic League of the Light who work with you, to be with you. Call upon Lord Arcturus, call upon Lord Buddha, invoke the presence of beloved Sai Baba, and invoke the light of Lady Nada and Lady Kwan Yin. Call upon your higher self, call upon your Christed self of the light and ask that you be fully centred with and aligned with your fully mastered self. Your mastered self who is clear, your mastered self who has integrated and who is at one with all the dimensions of consciousness in every realm of existence. Call in your inner child, call in your adolescent self and call in the presence of your earth parents’ higher selves. With Lord Hilarion still holding your hands he begins to project pulsations of energy through your hand chakras. Imagine these pulsations of energy moving up your arms to your shoulder, feel the energy moving from both shoulders to the top of your spine. Then imagine these pulsations of energy gently moving down your spine to settle in your coccyx and in your base chakra. Imagine these pulsations of energy as a constant flow of gentle energy, imagine them as free flowing, powerful, filled with peace. By absorbing the powerful energy of peace into the base chakra you prepare the foundation for your new existence.
The initiation you are being taken through today is about changing the foundation that your life was built upon. This new foundation is one that you shall create from the 5th dimension, based on the truth of your authentic self. The first level of your ruby sheath now becomes active; it begins to vibrate and gently the energy moves itself toward your physical body, moving through each of your subtle bodies. The energy now activated in your base chakra acts as the magnetic mechanism to draw your ruby sheath toward you. Mother Earth is playing a very active role in your activation today and each of you here (and reading this) are what we call Earth Activators. This means wherever you are or wherever you go, you activate energy in an area - simply by the laying of your feet upon the ground activates energy. This will become more noticeable as you become more conscious, more aware of the energies active within you and around you. You are a part of Mother Earth, as much as she is a part of you. Together you have travelled through many ages. You have been through light ages, dark ages, light ages and dark ages and once again you re-surface from an age of darkness and you come to stand in the new age of light. This is where you are required to become more conscious of your physical body, to become more conscious of Mother Earth. One has to be conscious of the physical body in order to be more conscious of Mother Earth; one has to be more conscious of one’s physical body in order to be conscious of Father God. Your physical body is also a communication device. It was very specifically created and everything that was put together was done so for a purpose. Mother Earth requires air like you do. She requires water like you do, she requires food, nurturing and respect just like you do. The only difference between you and her is that your bodies look different. Yet her body holds you and all of you help her to keep her body healthy and whole. When your body is in a state of imbalance, unhealthy, neglected, the same happens to her body.
Lord Hilarion is filling your body with the energy of new consciousness. This consciousness is filling you with new levels of awareness regarding the importance of knowing your body, of getting to understand the language of your body. The majority of humanity has not only become separate from God and from Spirit but has also separated themselves from the earth – Mother Earth. This is why many people feel they are not rooted to any one place, they do not feel they fit in anywhere. Many people find they are simply floating through life doing what needs to be done at any one given time but without understanding the purpose of them being on earth. Beloved ones in order to truly know what your divine purpose is on earth you need to know where you are. How on earth can you find your way if you don’t know where you are. In order to find your way you need to stand firmly on solid ground with both your feet on earth. That connection with Mother Earth assists you in tapping into the higher levels of consciousness stored within your upper chakras which you receive and draw in through your upper chakras; meant to be drawn into the earth chakras, or your lower chakras so that you can ground the energy and manifest it into something physical. Your base chakra is in fact your earth element. All of you are made up of the twelve elements within your universe. These elements link you to all the realms of existence. Earth is a realm of existence and in order to fully benefit from that realm of existence you need to be aware of its function, of how you function within it and how you can grow together. Choosing to expand your awareness and learn about the higher dimensions is exactly the same process – it is about understanding what affects you and what you impact on. Your base chakra enables you to trust. It is the chakra that holds your survival instincts.

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Number of posts : 502
Registration date : 2009-03-27
Age : 71
Location : Australia

PostSubject: cont.   July 11th 2009, 00:50

Your base chakra holds one of your greatest vices, so to speak, and that is the vice of loss and fear. Loss incorporates lack, and when one feels any threat that may result in loss or lack, one’s survival instincts automatically kick in. However, the majority of humanity has become driven by the fear of going without because you have not accepted your divine right to be on the planet, your divine right to have all your needs met, your divine right to fit into a system that you can trust; a system that can support you in nurturing and nourishing your body, your heart, your mind and your spirit. Many of you will find that the core of some of your issues began in past lives. Some of you may find that it began in utero. It is not so much where it began – what is important is what you do now to change it.
We would now like you to imagine your healing angels stepping into your energy field. Now imagine your healing angels placing their hands on your hips, placing their hands on your back; imagine your body being filled with the beautiful ruby energy and this energy slowly and comfortably filters into your hip and lower back area. Focus on imagining sensations within that area - if you can’t feel it, imagine what it would feel like. Use your imagination to imagine this beautiful ruby colour slowly moving down your legs very gently, no rush. Move it all the way down until it spills out the tips of your toes and into Mother Earth’s body. Imagine this magnificent ruby energy moving all the way down into the core of Mother Earth’s body. Within the core of the earth is a place known as the Halls of Amenti. These Halls are where life and death - the onset of the process that is - is granted. The core of Mother Earth is in heaven, for your planet is within space. Mother Earth is a chakra within the greater system of life and all the other planets that neighbour her, are also chakras. The ruby energy moving from your body into the Halls of Amenti is helping you re-align all the systems of your bodies and all the levels of your consciousness within the greater plan of your solar system, the greater plan of the galaxy and the universe in which all the galaxies that your galaxy is a part of, is housed within. Now imagine the Halls of Amenti as being an enormous chamber of light and within the centre of this chamber are powerful flames of energy bursting forth. These flames feed all the flames of life on earth. It is the flame of passion within Mother Earth’s body. It is the flame of life, the flame of light. When one moves from one world into another, in other words at the time of death, one passes through the Halls of Amenti. This is where the great Masters of Light come to meet you and this is where you observe your past life journey. Master Hilarion is assisting you today to tap into that flame of life.

You now need to ask permission from the Lords of the Light present in the Halls of Amenti to draw additional life force into your body in order to raise it into your base chakra for the purpose of healing your base chakra, raising your consciousness into 5th Dimension. Let us at this point say by asking for this it is imperative that you honour what you have said and use the energy to heal your base chakra and raise your consciousness. Therefore if there is any chance that after today you will not pay much attention to healing your base chakra then best you not request this energy. It is your choice, beloved ones. Master Hilarion asks you to proceed now with your requests if you are fully prepared to commit. Now imagine this flame of energy increasing the vibration of energy within the form of light, within the ruby coloured energy you projected into the earth. Begin to breathe it up your body; breathe it up from the core of the earth all the way into your body and each time you take a breath it moves closer and closer to your base chakra, until you have a new flame within your base. Now imagine your healing angels directing this new energy into the areas of the joints of your hips, imagine them directing the energy into your sacrum, into your coccygeal bones and gently the energy begins to move up your spine; very gently and slowly, don’t rush it. Breathe in as the energy raises itself and as this occurs Lord Hilarion places his right hand on your crown chakra and guides the energy up your spine. Imagine it moving up into the back of your throat, up through the roof of your mouth, up into your pineal gland and then into your pituitary gland. See this ruby energy moving out your crown chakra and see this ruby light alive with the new fire of passion - move it all the way up to the centre of the temple, imagine it moving beyond the temple and into the core of the universe. As this is occurring your ruby sheath is moving closer towards your body.
Breathe in deeply, exhale, now in your mind ask Master Hilarion to facilitate your process of grounding your fully mastered self through your current physical self on earth. Look into Master Hilarion’s eyes and ask him to support you through 5th dimensional consciousness in manifesting your new foundation of light, your new foundation of life, your new foundation of sound, and your new foundation of trust. Ask Master Hilarion to support you in rebuilding the structures of safety and security for your life through your base chakra. Ask Master Hilarion to assist you in rebuilding your levels of trust in the world and in the worlds of higher light so you can successfully rebuild a relationship of trust between you, your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body and your spiritual bodies. Ask Master Hilarion to support you in remaining firmly grounded and rooted to the earth and firmly grounded and rooted to the heavens. If it is your wish and your will, confirm to Master Hilarion that you are consciously choosing to be a vessel of energy, of wisdom, of love and light and in so doing, representing the process of raising consciousness into the higher world of light. Therefore beloved ones, through your personal process of healing you demonstrate to others how to do the same. By co
mmitting to your path of enlightenment you lead the way for others to follow, so all you ever need do is just be yourself; honour the commitments you have made and allow yourself to live a human life.
Master Hilarion now removes his hand from your crown chakra and takes your hand again, holding both of your hands he draws the palms of your hands together, with the palms of his hands over each of your hands. Looking into your eyes he tells you that you deserve to be a part of life, he tells you it is your divine right to have all your needs met. Master Hilarion reminds you that you have the ability to trust yourself one hundred percent and that you have the ability to rebuild that trust. Begin to imagine the feeling of energy moving into your hands, up your arms and into your shoulders. Now imagine this energy moving in two directions: up into your head, gently down your spine again (tape ends…) ……to bring new life to your sensory abilities. Affirm to yourself that you have the right to feel, remind yourself that feeling helps you to believe. Feeling helps you to trust. Feeling is one of your higher senses. We are not speaking of the sensation of touch; we speak of the inner sensation of feeling, of responding to energies unseen. The inner feelings that manifests when you observe something of great beauty, the inner feelings that manifest inside of you when you sense something is either supportive or unsupportive. This process will help you to distinguish between your base chakra’s fears and your higher self’s co
mmunication regarding intuition. Simply allow yourself to feel. Breathe in deeply and exhale as you practice feeling. Surrender to your body’s ability to feel and to sense.
Now Master Hilarion steps back from you and calls upon your earth parents to stand before you. He asks you to look at both your parents; to acknowledge that they were responsible to honour contracts with you and you with them. Acknowledge that your contracts were honoured. Give thanks to your parents for honouring their contracts with you and imagine them giving thanks to you for honouring your contract with them. Now it is time to give thanks to your parents for everything they showed you and taught you. Give thanks to them for all the things they showed you that you did not want to continue doing in your life. Give thanks to them for reminding you of what you would now choose to rather forget and release. Thank them for all the wonderful tools they equipped you with which have blossomed into inner strengths and qualities that you nurture as a result of their behaviour, as a result of their actions or lack of actions. Master Hilarion asks you to see your relationship with your earth parents as having been perfect because all contracts were honoured. Everything you needed to do together was done. Now, if there is anything specifically you would like to say to your parents, Hilarion asks you to go ahead and say this - anything that comes to mind or heart. Now you need to forgive your parents for everything they did or did not do. Say to your parents that you reclaim all power that you ever consciously or unconsciously handed over to them. Imagine yourself absorbing an energy into your body, symbolizing your lost power. See this coming to settle comfortably in your base chakra. Now tell your parents you are handing back to them every belief system, attitude, behavioural pattern or condition you adopted from them that is not a part of your authentic self. Imagine yourself handing all the energy back; imagine this energy rising out of your base chakra through your hands and entering their energy fields. Your healing angels now step away from your body. Master Hilarion comes to stand behind you. He places the palm of his right hand on your lower back, the palm of his left hand on your crown chakra. The chakras of his hands open and he projects energy into your body for the purpose of dissolving all energetic ties to your parents that will in any way or form keep you bound to their consciousness; to 3rd dimensional consciousness of limitation, of lack, and of loss.
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Age : 71
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PostSubject: cont.   July 11th 2009, 00:51

As Master Hilarion continues to do this you now need to consciously affirm that you are choosing to reclaim all of your truth. Affirm that you are drawing back into your energy field every authentic aspect of your higher self. Call upon every attitude and belief system of authentic light that belongs to you to become one with you again. And say that you consciously choose to release yourself from every thing, every person and every belief system and attitude, any level of consciousness that binds you to any experience that does not reflect your highest truth and authenticity. Breathe it in into your body; draw this consciousness into your body. As you do this, your ruby sheath begins to merge with your physical body, increasing the vibration of your energy field. As these energies merge, give thanks to your earth parents for being present with you today, witnessing this activation and initiation. Bless them in love and release them. Now imagine yourself taking your inner child by the hand, imagine taking your adolescent self by the hand and draw them into the energy field of your new self, your new body, so that they are one with you, all your subtle bodies and your ruby sheath. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale the final level of integration of your ruby sheath takes place and all your consciousness is raised into 5th dimension. Take another deep breath in and as you exhale, just imagine the process of rising out of a dense dimension into a dimension of lightness. Take another deep breath in and as you exhale, imagine yourself settling firmly within the 5th dimension, still rooted firmly to Mother Earth yet grounded through a higher level of awareness.
Master Hilarion will continue to project this energy through your base chakra and your crown chakra as we come to remind you of the power of trust. Trust is broken in the base chakra; this is where it begins. Your process today is facilitating the reconstruction of your base chakra in order to properly facilitate all processes from this day forward, requiring your ability to fully trust yourself, to trust that life will support you, to trust that you are safe in the world and that it is safe for you to trust - safe to feel, safe to be. The energy Master Hilarion is filling you with is also for the purpose of helping you create a new relationship with your physical body. Try and remember the importance of knowing your physical body, of understanding its language, so that you can be properly guided as to what to nourish it with, so that you can feel safe enough to respond to its needs, so that when it is tired and stressed, you feel safe enough to trust that life will support you so that you can rest, so that you can rejuvenate your energy. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, acknowledge that you are willing to build this new relationship with your physical body. As you take a deep breath in and you exhale, acknowledge that you are willing to begin the process of loving your physical body. As you breathe in, fill your body with energy and as you exhale, acknowledge that you are willing to do your very best to see your body as part of you; not something separate that sabotages you and causes you pain and suffering.
Beloved ones, your journey into your physical body was a traumatic one, especially the birthing process of coming into a space you were not familiar with, having been within the worlds of light and then being within the space of a mother’s womb - even that space was traumatic for some of you. You are now being given the opportunity to rebirth yourself, but to birth yourself in a way that holds you in a world where you are safe and comfortable. Many of the addictions that humanity is faced with at this time stems from the root chakra and by building a relationship with your physical body, you are able to understand how to manifest all your needs as met. If your emotional body is lacking nurturance or nourishment, usually eating disorders manifest as a result. When you are in touch with your physical body you will be able to understand when an emotional hunger is present or when a physical hunger is present. If you know you are not physically hungry you will know that you need to do something to satisfy the emotional hunger inside of you. This means you are equipped with the awareness to take action that will solve the problem, rather than finding yourself in a downward spiral of feeding an addiction that breaks one’s trust with the body, that separates one from the body. The same applies to people who feel they have been abandoned by Spirit because certain financial needs are not met; certain basic requirements within the physical world are not satisfied. By getting back into your body, feeling your body, knowing what it needs, means you will be able to draw the energy in so that you can have all your needs met. Many people draw energy in from the higher worlds but because they are not grounded, that energy remains floating in the energy body and never has the opportunity to physically materialize. Awareness helps you understand where your energy has been blocked; at what level precisely. Fear un-grounds you. Choosing to be motivated by fear means that trauma of fear causes your body to withdraw, which means you withdraw your energy, you draw it into the upper chakras because you don’t feel safe in the physical world, which means you cannot physically manifest. By remaining in the past, focusing on the past, you become un-grounded because you are not present in the physical. Projecting yourself too far into the future also un-grounds you because there is nothing in the present to hold you there. So learn from your past, plan for your future, but be present in order to assure that your future is not like your past. Take a deep breath in now, as you exhale Master Hilarion removes his hands from your chakras and makes his way to stand before you once more. He manifests a ruby gem from his hands, places this in your hands and asks you to place this gem in your base chakra, representing the gem of life that you are, representing the gem that life is and that the two can merge as one and one can experience a gem of a life.
Many of you have experienced challenges over the past weeks regarding this particular activation. Some of you have been in turmoil about your physical health, some of you have been concerned about certain needs not being met in your physical world. Some of you have had your trust challenged and some of you had to choose between trusting an inner source or an outer source. Some of you have had to learn a valuable lesson of being grounded. Many of you have also had to learn to let go of the old way and trust that the new way will provide all you need. You have learnt the value of all these challenges. It is important that you take the wisdom with you so you can use it to build your new foundation – this is about trusting yourself beloved ones and believing that you have the ability to manifest absolutely everything you need, because you are working as a co-creator with Spirit.
Master Hilarion now blesses you in love. He acknowledges that your ruby sheath is in place and that your awareness has been raised into the 5th dimension. It is now time for you to give thanks to all those beings of light who have been present, that have witnessed your activation, that have energetically assisted you and facilitated the process. Give thanks to your inner child and your adolescent self for moving through into the 5th dimension with you. Give thanks to yourself for the choice of making this journey. Give thanks to Master Hilarion and give thanks to the Ruby Temple for hosting your activation. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, turn around and exit the temple. Before you leave, turn and give thanks to the temple once more. Give thanks to the world of Shamballa for holding you and make your way out. When you leave Shamballa the gates will close behind you. Give thanks again to the dragons for granting you permission to enter. Make your way through your sacred garden and take a deep breath in and begin to draw your consciousness back into your physical body, exhaling and imagine yourself rooted firmly to the earth. Take another deep breath in, draw your energy all the way down your spine and as you exhale imagine roots shooting to the core of the earth grounding you firmly. On your next in-breath stretch your arms and your legs and as you exhale, open your eyes and feel yourself physically back in your body.nd so it is that we bring forth all blessings required by you at this time to ensure your pathway is fulfilled. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, and know that you are not ever alone for we are all one. May the Light of all that is shine brightly upon the pathway before you ensuring every step you take is a steady on. I am Kuthumi, Lord of the Ray of Love & Wisdom. Adonai.

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.org
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PostSubject: Re: 5th Dimensioanl Base Chakra Activation with Lord Hilarion   

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5th Dimensioanl Base Chakra Activation with Lord Hilarion
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