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 Cosmic Sun Chakra Alignment from Kuthumi

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PostSubject: Cosmic Sun Chakra Alignment from Kuthumi   July 11th 2009, 00:20

Greetings Lord Kuthumi

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day. We bring each of you into the presence of love and with it a gift of healing.

Beloved ones, today you have chosen a process that shall result in a process of continuous creative change. I’m sure all of you present and those who will come to hear and read these words in the future will resonate with the fact that change is inevitable and that it is a constant process manifesting a way forward. Without change everything becomes stagnant. You are stepping into the Sun of Self today. Light and power is the gift you receive today facilitating the activation of the final leg of your integration of the sun chakra and the mergence between your base, your sun and sacral chakras. This is also integrating many levels of the solar plexus, therefore, in time to come you will physically, tangibly experience the manifested power brought into your space by the complete mergence of the lower chakras with your sun chakra.

The sun chakra is the aspect of you that embodies every fibre of creative power in existence and is situated between your base and sacral chakras. You could call this your solar self. There was a time in Atlantis, the very beginning of Atlantis, where a group of initiates had integrated this light and their sun chakra was the vortex of energy symbolising what you know as your lower chakras, therefore they had the sun chakra, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. The creative forces they tapped into and utilised for manifestation is what eventually became an abused energy and the rest as they say is history. Now you stand before the councils of light and you are receiving your divine right to reactivate that energetic force again. All of you here today were a part of the group that we referred to earlier on in the early times of Atlantis.

Beloved ones I must tell you that the activation of the sun chakra at this level, meaning the mergence of your base, sacral and solar plexus chakras, which is birthed in the form of the sun chakra, will in a manner of speaking force you to move beyond the constructs of illusion that embody any kind of constrictive web, or any kind of disempowering creation. Know that your attention will be guided to focus on your creative power and how it is meant to be utilised. I speak not of playful creativity in the sense of painting a picture for relaxation, or decorating a bowl or anything else simply for relaxation. I speak of creative manifestation power. This takes the definition of creativity into a completely new dimension for you and all of you will be asked to master the 555 levels of sun chakra energy therefore, and yes hold onto your boots, 555 initiations but you have completed much more than this in your lifetime already.

These initiations are not purely of a physical nature. You will undergo approximately 15 of your 555 in a so called physical nature. The rest will unfold through your emotional, your mental, your spiritual, your crystalline and your quantum bodies. These bodies will naturally impact on your material reality. There is a difference between experiencing an initiation in your physical reality and manifesting and utilising what you have learnt into your material world. So do not confuse your 15 physical initiations with what you shall materialise in your physical life as a result of all the other initiations you are undergoing. Is this clear?

Your initiation as such for now is walking the path of the master manifestor. No soul can ascend beyond the current realms of limitation & illusion unless they have mastered the art of manifestation. One cannot call oneself a master of the material world if you are unable to materialise all your needs as met. This is why understanding fear based reactions is so important. Your fear deprives you of your title as master of the material world. Many refer to this as mind over matter. You are master manifestors. The time has simply come to remember how to do this. You however need to start applying the laws of manifestation in a conscious manner immediately. Before we give you any more information it is time now for us to take you through the energetic connection and activation of the union of your 3 lower chakras and introduce you to the energy of this extremely powerful creative force. All of you here today have been experiencing limitation in some or other area of your life. You are being challenged with the lack of material support in certain areas of your life. Now is your time to take what it is that eludes you on the physical plain and focus upon it while you activate the energy we shall guide you through today. I will give you a few moments to consider what aspect of lack or limitation you wish to focus on so as to change it and bring it into its powerful creative form.

With your eyes closed breathe in deeply and exhale fully and at the same time relaxing your body and your mind. As you continue to breathe in and exhale fully imagine your body becoming warm as an imagined sun shines brightly upon your skin. Open your energy to call forth the power of the sun. Welcome Lord Ra, welcome Lord Soltec and welcome into your presence all the Sun Children. The Sun Children represent the innocent creative power present within all life. Their presence is there to rekindle the same power within you liberating your inner child to reconnect with its freedom to express itself creatively and in an empowered fashion. Continue breathing as you connect with each of the Sun Children who grace you with their presence. (pause) Lord Ra moves closer toward you. He places a chain around your neck made of gold and on the chain is a large sun disk. Notice where the sun disk rests upon your body, in other words which chakra is it aligned with. This indicates to you which chakra in your body requires solar energy the most. The sun melts the aspect of self trapped in isolation therefore the healing the sun disk brings you results in the melting of the isolated aspects of self connected within the chakra it rests upon. Breathe and relax. (pause)

Lord Soltec, one of the great Lords of love and whose responsibility it is at this time to merge the science of love with the science of spirit, stands before you and offers you another golden disk and etched onto this disk are symbols and patterns. This is the code of divine love that you resonate with personally. Take this disk from him and do whatever you feel intuitively motivated to do with it. (pause) Lord Ra moves to stand behind you. (pause) He places a hand on your lower back and your body begins to fill with added warmth. Become aware of the sound of his breathe behind you; begin to breathe in the same rhythm as he is. (pause) Now focus on what it was that you decided to bring into the sun chakra activation, in other words that which you wish to transmute, hold this in your mind and begin moving this vision down your spine and into your sacral chakra. (pause) Feel the warmth of Lord Ra enfolding this vision of yours and feel his energy enfolding every chakra within your body.

Now take your breath to your sacral chakra and imagine yourself breathing through your sacral chakra. Lord Ra, the Lord of the sun brings you the gift of a divine aspect of yourself, an aspect that embodies mastery. At this particular time it does not matter whether you know what this aspect embodies or not. What is important is that this vibration be encoded in your sacral chakra. He begins emitting a vibration through his palm chakra into your sacral chakra activating the ability to receive this code that shall allow this divine aspect of yourself to merge with you. This divine aspect will play a role of supporting you in your creative endeavours and facilitate a time line in which you shall grow immensely and rapidly in the sense of understanding what your creative purpose is in other words how your creativity and your life purpose is connected. This becomes your creative purpose.

This divine aspect is a part of your future self and once you have completed the initiation this aspect takes you through it will become a permanent aspect of your physical conscious self. Continue to breathe as all the codes are placed within your sacral chakra. (pause) These codes beloved ones also penetrate any dense dimensions within the creation of your sacral chakra. These dense dimensions resulted because of dense programs you took on from your mother specifically. How she denied her creativity or how she utilised it, her definition of it, her belief systems around manifestation in the material world will also be dissolved. Therefore do not concern yourself that you will have to process her belief systems so to speak. Just know that this is what you will release so as to facilitate your complete stepping into the power of your sacral chakra.
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Number of posts : 502
Registration date : 2009-03-27
Age : 71
Location : Australia

PostSubject: cont.   July 11th 2009, 00:21

As you take another deep breath in see a magnificent red light switching on in your base chakra and a yellow light in your solar plexus chakra. (pause) Now visualise these two balls of light gravitating towards the orange light in your sacral chakra. Very gently see if these 3 balls will merge, if they don’t it is not serious, just take them, either as one ball of light or still 3 balls of light and move them down slightly beneath your sacral chakra which is where your sun chakra vortex point is located. Begin seeing the balls of your lower chakras spinning together increasing the light they embody and as they spin your sun chakra ignites and the power of its golden energy begins to absorb the 3 balls of light representing your 3 lower chakras. Breathe as this takes place for every pulsation of golden light from the sun chakra is activating some of your ascended master cellular imprint. Don’t worry about how it is done just let it be done. (pause) Continue breathing and take that vision of what you wanted to have healed and move it into the sun chakra. The golden light begins to transform the situation transmuting all density into liquid light. Imagine the golden light of the sun chakra shining into and through the situation clearing all avenues for the creative manifestation you will perform. (pause) This process continues to intensify. (pause) Lord Ra releases his hand from your lower back and steps away and the process is still continuing. He has now fully activated the process of your 3 lower chakras becoming one with the sun chakra. This will continue to unfold for the next 44 days and nights. During this time it will be revealed to you how to utilise your creative power to manifest your needs as met. I assure you it will not be a time of manifesting more limitation so as to help you recognise how you sabotage yourself. You will now see just how powerful your creative abilities are and how to project them in constructive ways.

Continue breathing, if you feel any discomfort in the womb area if you are a female breathe into it. Very often the physical activation of a vortex of an energy such as that can cause physical discomfort so simply breathe into it. Gentlemen you have an etheric womb, therefore if you feel discomfort in the area breathe into your imagined etheric womb. As this light intensifies and the power of creativity anchors itself more firmly in these 3 lower chakras take any other areas of your life over and above what you have chosen that you wish the power of creativity to be a part of and place it in that now. (pause) On your next in breath draw this powerful golden energy of the sun chakra up your spine, move it into your 3rd eye and your crown chakra, (pause) allow it to move up into your 8th chakra and see it explode into a shower of light that filters into all your 22 Sirian body chakras, it activates all the minor chakras in your physical and energetic bodies resulting in you standing as a radiant golden being emanating powerful creative sun light (pause) The warmth of this energy strengthens your magnetic ability to attract to you that which serves you, that which supports you and facilitates your growth and movement forward. The warmth and power of this solar energy as light as it is, is able to fully anchor and ground you in the present moment – Your most powerful point of presence. You are never more powerful in any place other than in the present moment. That is you most powerful point of being.

Draw your consciousness into the present moment of what you experience now and use your creative power to draw in the golden light and emanate this light out to touch every fear you have in your mind, in your heart and command this energy to penetrate your subconscious and your unconscious bringing the warmth of your creative power to overcome every fear that has ever paralysed you and breathe, let go, feel your body surrender, visualise yourself releasing your grip on whatever you are holding onto with all your might, just drop it. (pause) A liberated spirit does not hold onto anything for when you hold onto something you inhibit your movement forward, you weigh yourself down, you limit your freedom to move, to express and to explore. Being in the moment means no one requires the need to hold onto anything for in every moment everything is as it must be and every moment that follows that moment provides everything that makes the moment perfect. I repeat, a liberated spirit never needs to hold onto anything because every moment provides what is needed, because the moment is perfect. Make it a practise of visualising yourself loosening your grip on whatever it is you feel you are holding onto. If it is a thought form, remove the thought form with your hand from your mind, hold it over a volcano, a fire or a river and open your hand and drop it, let it go, let the water take it, let the fire burn it, let the lava consume it.

The cosmic fire you are activating at this time will reveal to you the power of transmutation and how with veils removed how empowered you feel because you have integrated confidence in your ability to trust every moment as being perfect and divine. Your confidence will emerge as the result of the sense of power you will feel because you will be standing in your most powerful point of presence, the present. That beloved ones I cannot reiterate enough. Your power is its most powerful in the present moment.

Your sun vibration will prove this to you over and over again. Lord Ra will show you the cosmic fire inside of you being a force to recon with, one your ego will learn to respect and this my beloved initiates takes you into the last part of this activation and it aligns you with the cosmic fire vibration of thrive consciousness. Fire is passion, when one is in the power of the present moment the fire is balanced, it does not rage out of control, neither does it come in danger of almost being extinguished, it is a constant presence, creating sufficient heat to ensure the water element within your body- your sacral chakra, is always flowing, always clear and confident. The flow of your water element will ensure that your earth element; what you have come to know as you base chakra, is sufficiently irrigated so as to facilitate the growth and the nurturance of that which grows in the fertile soil of your earth element and it is your breath, the breath of life that shall oxygenate your fire element - your solar plexus chakra.

Beloved ones you now merge the power of your fire element, your water element and your earth element and it becomes, your most powerful tool of creation and that is how you move out of survival consciousness, poverty consciousness and victim consciousness and you stand within the heart of thrive consciousness, prosperity and victory consciousness and the greatest gift of all is the confidence you will have in knowing who you are and every day that you breathe life is for a purpose. From day to day your purpose may differ I assure you however that your daily purpose makes up for your greater purpose on earth. Do not waste time searching for the grand purpose of your life. Be present and embrace the purpose of the moment. Every moment has a purpose, which is why you are in it.

Beloved ones take another deep breathe in, allow all the information we have given you to filter into your mind, your heart, your body and your spirit. (pause) Give thanks for all of that which you have drawn to yourself today, give thanks to Lord Ra, give thanks to Lord Soltec, and give thanks to the sun for the gifts it has brought you, give thanks to yourself and the aspect of self you have integrated today and know that you can comfortably be at peace because you are on the right path. You are living your purpose. You are active. Know that the energy of your sun chakra will continue to create the changes we have spoken of. Take advantage of the next 44 days to consciously embrace the creative direction you have called forth and I assure you with this focus and with the attention you pay to your life all the solutions you seek to your current dilemmas will manifest under grace in perfect harmonious, divine and miraculous ways and it will be quick, I promise.

Beloved ones take a deep breathe in and as you exhale draw your consciousness back into your physical body. Feel your sun chakra’s anchoring of your energy on earth. Feel how the warmth of your sun chakra touches your heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras. When you are ready you may open your eyes and if there is anything important that you wish to make a note of please go ahead and do this now. Before I take questions I wish to speak a little about the effects of fear based reactions. I trust all of you are aware of the fact that fears are in fact illusions based on predefined systems created by your predecessors. Many of these systems manifested as a result of ignorance. Ignorance is a very volatile and dangerous energy. It is also extremely vulnerable. This is one of the many reasons why we emphasize the importance of becoming self aware, gaining knowledge and learning about life. With this knowledge and power you are not victim to such programming. You are not victim to the fears of others who are completely in an ignorant state of consciousness.

All of you are teachers in your own right and by understanding the foundations upon which fear grew you have the power to eliminate the foundation permanently and set in place the foundation for truth and love to exist. The more empowered and self aware you are the less you have to fear. I say this because you become more aware of your ability to manifest, to understand, to create, develop and move on. Fear is the number one paralysing and self-sabotaging force in your solar system. It is this vibration that causes you to feel down, heavy, inadequate, useless, and worthless.

Fear is the number 1 destructive force in existence in human consciousness. I speak not of natural fear in the form of survival where one is alerted to something being dangerous, that is natural fear. I speak of the fear created by the ignorance and greed of humanity. The abuse of power came into being as a result of the fear of lack and limitation. Many people sabotage their personal efforts daily simply because they fear success. They fear their ability or lack thereof to maintain what they create. A master of the material world has the power to continuously create in every moment of existence and that creative ability feeds upon itself and grows. Therefore the fear of failure is simply the lack of trust in ones ability to utilise the creative force resident within, very often as a result of external forces embodying the same fear and projecting it onto others. This is why judgment, criticism and ridicule are so dangerous. Bear in mind I speak not of discernment, guardianship of those endangered by the negative reactions and projections of others. I speak of what inhibits you as a fully creative being from seeing your own light, seeing the sun of self, weaving its magic in your life.

Imagine yourself as a fearless person. How would your life be? If fear was out of the way what would you be doing? How would you do it? What would be your motivating force, what would be the results of what you are doing? These are all very important questions and I urge you to ask yourself these questions and focus on different aspects of your life at the same time and you will realise how much power your fear has had over you and how much power you have given to your fears, and how much you have deprived yourself of that creative power because of a simple fear. Is the fear realistic? Is it true? if you believe it, it is true. What led you to believe that it is true?

Question your history so as to find the truth in the present. By knowing the truth in the present moment you have the power to create a different future. Do not take everything at face value, do not believe everything you hear or read, honour your heart, listen to that voice, feel, get back into your body and feel yourself, feel the direction your soul is guiding you in. You cannot go wrong if you do this, I promise. Every ascended master that you are familiar with has had to master what you are now being presented with. None of us got to pass by this initiation without mastering it therefore I assure you it is possible, it is probable and it is inevitable. Therefore, the power is yours. Use it, don’t use it. You stand with the magic wand now. Your soul has given you the power to say the magic word. Your soul and you are no longer worlds apart. Spirit is tangibly weaving its magic in your life. Simply step out of your way and see it. Stop paying so much attention to your fears and look at what is right, what is flowing and what is supporting you. You will be amazed at how present spirit is.

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. Michelle Eloff website

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Cosmic Sun Chakra Alignment from Kuthumi
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