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 Affirmation of Psychic Shielding by ArchAngel Michael

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PostSubject: Affirmation of Psychic Shielding by ArchAngel Michael   July 3rd 2009, 09:00


Affirmation of Psychic Shielding by ArchAngel Michael
Affirmation For Psychic Shielding
ArchAngel Michael, Benevolent Being of Light, I wish to be psychically shielded from
__________,(insert name), permanently.
I understand that with this, I will be shielded from this being permanently.
I AM ALL THAT I AM. Please cut any/all ties to _________, and shield Self from any further attacks.
I AM ALL THAT I AM. I now know this action to be effective as long as I can remain in a heart source of Unconditioanl Love. If I allow my heart source frequency to lower, the shielding will not be effective.
Thank You ArchAngel Michael for this service.
This is a channeled Affirmation from the ArchAngel Michael. He wishes for ALL who are experiencing the effects of Psychic/Psychological Warfare to have this for peace of Be-ing. He has this to say:
I am the ArchAngel Michael. I wish for ALL to know, I am available for much more than the cutting of psychic ties. This affirmation will be of a benefit to ALL who can utilize it for the benefit of their Be-ing. It is unfortunate that there are those who wish to do arm, with thier ill- intent, however, I am here, with the legions of US I command, to aid and assist those in peril and need. WE LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH TO ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN ANY LONGER. It is your free will that allows this to happen, as you can not effective in defense, without a heart source frequency of Unconditional Love. I am ArchAngel Michael, and I wish for ALL to use this when it feels necessary. For why would there be a need for the cutting of Psychic Ties, if there were no attacks? I am with you ALWAYs, Namaste'
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Affirmation of Psychic Shielding by ArchAngel Michael
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