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 Just a few (abbreviated)uses of crystals for specific purposes.....

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PostSubject: Just a few (abbreviated)uses of crystals for specific purposes.....   April 28th 2009, 13:48

Metaphysical Properties & Associations Of Stones
Abandonment Issues-garnet

Abundance-bloodstone, green moss agate, tree agate

Actors Stone-carnelian


Aligning the physical & astral bodies-amazonite (light blue-green)

Amplifies Energy-quartz, ruby


Angels, Contact-angelite, moonstone

Anger, Dispells-howlite, peridot, sea shells

Arthritis-blue lace agate, malachite

Assisting, Becoming More Helpful-bronzite

Artistic Expression- botswana agate, howlite

Astral Projection, General-ametrine, flourite cleavage, iolite

Astral Travel, Memory-blue calcite, yellow calcite

Astral Travel, Protection-flourite cleavage

Attracting A Good Mate-carnelian, rhodonite

Aura Balancing-labradorite, rutilated quartz

Aura, Cleansing Negativity From-ametrine, citrine, labradorite

Aura Protection-labradorite

Aura Strengthening-iolite

Awareness-howlite, lapis lazuli, picture rock

Balance, General-hematite, rhodochrosite, soladite, tree agate

Balancing, Mentally-blue topaz, chiastolite, flourite, rhodochrosite

Balancing, Yin Yang-chrysoprase, lodestone, tiger eye


Black Magick, Reversing & Repelling-black tourmaline

Blockages, Releasing-ametrine, bloodstone, flourite cleavage, malachite, obisdian

Blood Pressure-bloodstone

Blood Vessels-rutilated quartz

Bronchitis-rutilated quartz

Burdens, Relieving-lodestone

Business-citrine, lepidolite, malachite

Calcium Balance-howlite

Calming-aquamarine, bronzite, howlite, jet, king cobra jasper, rhodonite, sea shells, smoky quartz, turquoise

Cancer Prevention-azurite

Career Success-aventurine

Centering-hematite, kunzite, onyx

Chakra Activation/Stimulation, All-garnet

Chakra Activation, Throat-blue calcite, blue topaz

Chakra Alignment-bloodstone(all), jet (1st), kyanite (all)

Chakra Clearing-bluecalcite (throat)

Chakras Revitalising, Lower-chrysocolla

Chakra, 6th/ Third Eye-iolite, picture rock

Chakra, 7th/ Crown-iolite

Changes-chiastolite, opal

Channeling, Memory Of-blue calcite, yellow calcite

Character Traits, Amplifies-opal

Choices, Alternatives-rhodonite


Clarity-blue quartz, tiger eye


Comforting-botswana agate


Communication-blue topaz, kunzite(loving),
moonstone (celestial), quartz (earth)

Compassion-green tourmaline, red jasper

Completion & Followthrough-mugglestone, red jasper

Concentration-flourite, hematite, ruby

Confidence-jade, moonstone, rhodonite

Confusion, Eliminates-lodestone

Congeniality, Compatability-green moss agate

Contentment-red jasper

Councelors & Therapists Stone-king cobra jasper

Courage-aquamarine, carnelian

Courteous, Becoming More-bronzite

Creativity-aventurine, botswana agate, carnelian, citrine, garnet, obsidian

Cross Stone-chiastolite

Decision Making, Certainty-bronzite, crazy lace agate, emerald

Denial & Avoidance, Dealing With-rhodochrosite

Depression, Lifting-blue quartz, jet, lepidolite, smoky quartz

Destiny-labradorite, moonstone

Digestion-citrine, peridot


Disorientation-black tourmaline

DNA/RNA Corrections-ametrine, garnet

Domestic Bliss-emerald

Dreams-jade, kyanite, lapis lazuli, opal, prehnite, ruby

Earth, Attuning To-chrysocolla

Electrolites-mother of pearl, sea shells

Energy-blue calcite, carnelian, prehnite, yellow calcite

Enhance Emotions/Mental-garnet, ruby


ESP- peridot

Eyesight-aquamarine, opal, rutilated quartz

Facing the cause of disorders-picture rock

Fear-smoky quartz, sodalite

Feet & Walking-onyx

Fertility-botswana agate, green moss agate, malachite


Fidelity-jade, opal

Finances, Stabalizing-jet, ruby

Fluid Retention-aquamarine

Fortune, Good-bloodstone, moonstone, tree agate

Friendships-green moss agate

Gambling Luck-aventurine

Generosity, Promoting-citrine


Grief, Grieving-amethyst, apache tear, onyx



Happiness-blue lace agate, blue quartz, rose quartz

Harmony-chiastolite, emerald, jade, peridot, tree agate

Healing, Bones-malachite

Healing, General-amber, amethyst, azurite, bloodstone, chrysoprase, green moss agate, peridot, quartz, rhodochrosite (health), rhodonite (old hurts), rose quartz, rutilated quartz (aura), tree agate (fever-toxins)

Healing, Head-amethyst, jet

Healing, Increase Effect. Of Healing Herbs-green tourmaline

Healing, Physical Trauma-bloodstone

Healing, Post Surgical-bloodstone, coal

Health, Body Odor-leopardskin jasper

Health, General-amazonite, garnet, jet, obsidian, sodalite(diabetes, thyroid)

Health, Toxin Elimination- coal, leopardskin jasper

Hearing Loss-petrified wood

Heart, Healing Broken-chrysoprase, rhodonite


Housekeeping, Good?-ammonite, mother of pearl


Immunity-obsidian, picture rock, rhodochrosite

Incontinence-petrified wood


Infection-pearl, pyrite

Inferiority Complex-chrsoprase


Inhibitions, Releases-opal

Inner Growth-rhodonite

Insect Bites-moonstone

Intellect-ametrine, pyrite, sodalite

Intuition-onyx, sodalite



Kidneys- picture rock

Kundalini-garnet, jet

Laughter-crazy lace agate


Letting Go-amethyst

Longevity-ruby, tree agate

Love-emerald, pearl, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, tree agate

Luck-jade, obsidian, snow quartz, tree agate


Marriage-pearl, peridot


Maternal-pearl, rutilated quartz

Meditation-amethyst, blue quartz, flourite, iolite, kunzite, kyanite, prehnite, sea shells

Memory-carnelian, emerald, onyx

Merchants Stone-citrine

Miracles-blue lace agate


Negativity, Dispells Generally-citrine, malachite, obsidian

Negativity, Dispell From Other Stones-carnelian

Negativity, Protection From-black tourmaline, kunzite

New Beginnings & Ventures-chrysoprase, moonstone

Nurturer-king cobra jasper, mugglestone, red jasper

Obstacles, Removing-kunzite

Old hurts-rhodonite

Organization-bloodstone, king cobra jasper, lepidolite, mugglestone, red jasper

Order Out Of Chaos-florite, king cobra jasper, lepidolite

Pain, Easing-hematite, howlite, mugglestone

Paralysis-petrified wood

Parkinson's Disease-opal


Past Life Recall & Work-aquamarine, carnelian, petrified wood

Peace-amethyst, blue quartz

Pilot's Stone-malachite

Power Stone-quartz, tiger eye


Prosperity-aventurine, citrine, green moss agate, malachite, turquoise

Protection, Business & Finance-jet

Protection, General-chiastolite, jet, onyx, prehnite, shark teeth, tiger eye, tree agate, turquoise

Protection, Negativity & Psychic-black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, pyrite, ruby, rutilated quartz

Protection, Physical-apache tears, jet, rutilated quartz, snowflake obsidian, turquoise

Protection, Spiritual-apache tears, rutilated quartz, snowflake obsidian, turquoise

Psychic Abilities & Work-amazonite, amethyst, azurite, lapis lazuli, opal

Psychic Sheild-flourite cleavage, pyrite, ruby

Purification, General-flourite

Purification, Home-chrysocolla

Radiation, Overexposure-black tourmaline



Relaxation-bronzite, king cobra jasper, red jasper

Release-Repressed Issues-botswana agate, unikite


Responsability, Accepting-leopardskin jasper

Self Esteem, Ego-green moss agate

Self Love-rose quartz, sodalite

Scrying Tools-obsidian

Self Expression-chysoprase, howlite

Selfishness, Dispells-howlite

Self Realization-aventurine

Sensuality-Sexuality-botswana agate, rutilated quartz

Serenity-blue quartz, bronzite, smoky quartz

Service Pursuits-leopardskin jasper

Shamanic Work-iolite, obsidian, yellow calcite

Skin Disorders-crazy lace agate, picture rock

Spirit Contact-jade, prehnite

Spirituality-amethyst, blue quartz, blue topaz, iolite, pearl, turquoise

Stamina, Physical-crazy lace agate, sodalite

Stomach Problems-botswana agate


Stress, Dispells-flourite, howlite, lepidolite

Stress, Strength To Endure-chrysocolla

Success, General-green moss agate, green tourmaline

Success In Business-chrysoprase, citrine, malachite, petrified wood

Tranquility-blue lace agate

Transformation, Assisting In-bronzite

Transformation Of Negative Energy To Positive-green tourmaline, obsidian

Transition Stone-lepidolite

Travel On Water-aquamarine

Traveller's Stone-moonstone, tiger eye


Unknown, Exploring-botswana agate


Visualization-green tourmaline, iolite

Water Element-aquamarine, moonstone

Wealth-green tourmaline, tree agate

Weight Gain-unikite

Weight Loss-rose quartz

Will Power-tigers eye

Wisdom & Truth-lapis lazuli, snowflake obsidian, sodalite, tree agate

Wishes-moonstone, smoky quartz, unikite

Worries-petrified wood

Wrinkles-rose quartz
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Just a few (abbreviated)uses of crystals for specific purposes.....
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